Privacy Policy

                                                                                                           Last modidified 27 Feb 2021.

1. Why is a privacy policy needed?

We need a privacy policy because it is to serve customers that consider their own privacy in our data storage and to make sure Hellnodes is compliant with all data protection laws.

2. What data do we collect from you browsing our website?

If you use our free hosting, we collect the following information:

– Your discord account’s email address

– Your discord account’s username

– Your recorded ip address recorded during registration and last login

3. How do we use your information?

We use your information to prevent fraudulent purchases, manage your account, and to provide better services to our customers.

4. What data is shared with third parties?

Your data is shared with these companies:

– Google Adsense | Adsense Privacy Policy

5. Where is all customer data stored?

Your customer data is stored in a high-security database only accessible by our developer and cannot be connected to out of localhost in The European Union

6. How long do we keep your customer data?

Your Customer Data is stored up to termination of services or withdrawal of data by customer request.

7. European rights.

At any point in time you can do these things:

– Withdrawal from the User Agreement. To withdraw consent from User Agreement, please contact us via discord ticket support. Once withdrawal completed, You will no longer be able to use our services and we will no longer store your collected information.

– Request the collected data. You can request your collected data to be sure we are collecting the specific information which we’ve told in our Privacy Policy. To request the collected data, please contact us via discord ticket support, the request will be completed within 5 workdays and will be sent to customer’s email.

– The right to restrict us from specific data collection and processing. If you would like to restrict us from specific data collection and processing, please contact us via discord support ticket.

8. Privacy Policy change notification.

Incase Privacy Policy changes, we will notify all the customers 1 day before the Privacy Policy change in the force of use. The notification will be noticed in discord group of Hellnodes.